About the Residency

The Watershed Residency provides artists, craftspeople, and other professionals with the time and space to explore the Upper Arkansas River Valley. Residents are offered work and exhibit space in our historic Main Street building, and a choice of accommodations in a Leadville (former) miner’s house or a Lance four-season recreational vehicle. In exchange, residents are asked to create a specific project to showcase this distinctive region. Residents may also lead workshops to share their talents and/or skills. Interested individuals, couples, or groups are encouraged contact us with a very brief proposal. We are open to all ideas, for periods ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Future Residents: Summer 2017

Jajah + Kurt

Jajah was born stubborn, but she never won anything for it. Now she is a children’s rights lawyer moonlighting as a writer and violinist. Kurt was born restless, but finds solace in napping. He is a computer programmer, bassist, and likes to pretend he’s an audio engineer. Their home is based in Gray Castle Studios in Chicago, which is as close to an actual castle as either has been. They have worked together and apart across a variety of media, including publishing an irregular zine together, performing as the band Impossible!, and once accidentally convincing Rick and Katy that the zombie apocalypse had arrived.

First introduced to the Arkansas River Valley last summer, they fell in love with the area’s beauty, expanse, and richly storied history.  Through the Watershed artist’s residency, they hope to unearth some of the most curious corners of local folklore, and curate them as the ardent though naive travelers that they are.

Terra Incognita

“…the vast wilderness lies before us. A veritable terra incognita, too broad and mysterious for a full lifetime’s observations.” — Excerpt from the Lost Codex, as the writer(s) stumbled upon the Arkansas River Valley at the turn of the 20th century.

This summer, through the Watershed artist residency program, we are proud to bring you “Terra Incognita” – a visual-literary-aural digest of flora, fauna, story, and song of the magical Arkansas River Valley. We will reveal again the forgotten treasures portrayed in the Lost Codex: from the giant hares of the Mosquito Range to the singing silver saw that led many a miner to either fortune or doom.

Little is known about the origins of the Lost Codex. What we do know is gleaned from precious fragments and homespun recollections, as the Codex was scattered far and wide, nearly lost to the tides of eternity. Pull up a chair, recline into the outlandish, live the tale and tell the tots, it will soon be time to venture into Terra Incognita.

Future Resident: September 2017

Julie Golden

Whenever Julie needs to recharge from a busy Boulder life, she heads to Buena Vista and Cottonwood Hot Springs. Her longtime connection here is so strong that it inspired the closing scenes of her novel, Vagilantes. As a September resident of Watershed, Julie will leave another unique mark in our community.

Over 30 years ago, Julie developed a new process for creating stained glass windows and sculptures. Discarding the traditional dark lines of lead and foil, she incorporates colorful glass and other sun-friendly mementos into glittering works of art. She calls the process Painting with Glass because of the artistic freedom it encourages beyond traditional methods. Julie taught her award-winning technic in Europe and Mexico. Currently, students interpret their glass visions in Julie’s Front Range studio.

You are welcome to visit Julie at Watershed in September while she makes a window for the great-room at Cottonwood Hot Springs. With the sponsorship of Watershed, where our community comes together east of the hot springs, living water is the perfect theme for the window. Come, and enjoy the flowing process.

Former Residents: Summer 2016

Micah Ling

Ohio —> Indiana —> Montana —> Tennessee —> Indiana —> New York City —> Colorado

Micah has moved around a bit. She hasn’t been in the state of Colorado since her family took National Park vacations when she was a kid. She might just stick around. Micah is a twin and a poet and a runner and a cyclist. She’d like to learn how to run sound for a music venue and be referred to as “the sound girl.”

www.micahling.com | @mohawkgirl on Instagram | @micahling007 on twitter

Douglas Light

Douglas Light has over a decade’s worth of branding experience working with clients such as Girl Scouts of the USA, American Express, and IBM. He teaches creative writing at New York University and Branding at Media Bistro. He has published two story collections, a novel, and cowrote the screen adaptation of The Trouble With Bliss, which start Academy Award winner Brie Larson, Michael C. Hall, and Lui. His writing has received an O. Henry Prize, The Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, and two NoMAA/JP Morgan Chase grants.