Buena Vista School District

In the Buena Vista School District, we ensure every student reaches the peak of success.  It is a mountainous mission devoid meaning unless “the peak” is defined.  So what is the peak of success? We believe student success embodies more than academic achievement and growth demonstrated on a single test score.  Rather, “the peak of success” includes multiple demonstrations and applications of learning along with recognized dispositions of balanced, whole-hearted persons.  Because we want the mission of ensuring every student reach “the peak of success” to be the living, breathing reality of our schools and the guiding purpose of decisions we make, we endeavored to define “the peak” succinctly and with meaning.  Therefore, “the peak of success” has been defined using seven, easily remembered and understood words.

In the Buena Vista School District we ensure very student reaches the peak of success by being curious, connected, collaborative, critically competent, constructive, creative, and character-centered.

In order to accomplish our mission, the staff of the Buena Vista School District has committed to using eight elements of rigorous and responsive instructional practices and to creating spaces promoting a growth mindset and playfulness.

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