On The Walls. . . 

Full moon setting over Mt. Princeton, Buena Vista, Colorado

Mountain Spirit Photography:

Ever just want to say “I quit” and take off in your camper? Well…in early 2017, they did and they are!

Based in Buena Vista, Colorado, John and Coleen Graybill are converting their portrait and wedding business (Tenacious Photography) to fine art landscape photography. They are traveling the country and beyond, photographing in the National Parks and other points of interest in between.

Coleen has recently received her Masters Degree for her portrait work from the Professional Photographers of America and is a Certified Professional Photographer – the only one within a 70 mile radius of Buena Vista. See a selection of her adventure photographs at Simple Eatery in downtown Buena Vista and at the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center.

Coleen has been a portrait/wedding photographer for over 26 years, but she is giving up her business and hitting the road with her new husband under their new name, Mountain Spirit Photography, to pursue his passion of landscape photography. It wasn’t too hard to twist her arm!

John has incredible talent that has gone untapped for many years. He has done portrait and wedding work as well, but it wasn’t his passion. Get this man out under the stars though and he lights up! John’s travels have taken him to Alaska, Tahiti, Bora Bora, South Africa and the North Pole.  Wait until you see the images! John is gradually getting through all those images and getting them ready for the website. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we will let you know when new things are posted!

You have come to the right place to find that perfect photograph to decorate your home with. Welcome!